Tips for Maximizing Team Performance

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Leading a team can be very challenging. Maximize the performance of your team by practicing a few simple leadership techniques:

Be clear about expectations, roles and responsibilities

Every team exists for a reason and ultimately it is to deliver some result or contribution to business goals and objectives. As the leader, you need to understand what is needed to meet the company’s goals and be able to effectively communicate those requirements to the members of your team.

Involve others

Imagine there are two teams. On the first team, all of the ideas, plans, and processes are developed and implemented by the leader . On the second team, the leader fully involves team members when creating plans and deciding how to achieve them or to resolve problems and issues relative to job processes and equipment. Which team do you think will perform the best? An effective leader facilitates involvement from the team and empowers them to practice problem solving on the job.

Have an effective decision making process

Team members might not agree with every decision that you make but on the other hand they will find procrastination even more frustrating. Make sure that there is a clear process and criteria for reaching decisions so that things keep moving forward.

Don’t ignore deficiencies

It is incredibly difficult to deliver results if you have deficiencies in terms of resources, skills and expertise. At the same time, it can be incredibly tempting to make do with what you have, especially if you know that the organization is facing challenging times. Don’t fall into the trap of ignoring deficiencies in the hope that they will go away. Tackle them so that you keep progressing.

Encourage and support others

It is easy to forget just how difficult it can be to do something for the first time or operate in a new set of circumstances. Some employees are able to deal with this without any problems while others will exhibit a lack of confidence. As the leader, make a point of encouraging and supporting others through the good and not so good times.

Remember to recognize and reward team effort

In today’s hectic pace, it can be easy to skip taking the time to recognize the efforts and contributions of the team. If you find yourself not taking time to recognize the contributions of your employees, create a process that becomes habit to identify successes, both small and large, that the team members have accomplished and acknowledge them for their efforts.


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